Stylish and elegant partitioning.

Brand new. Very quiet. Very versatile.

Small details, big impact: Turn your toilet cubicle system into a really “silent place” practically in no time! Our innovative Soft-Close hinge ensures that the door of the toilet cubicle system VITRUM III closes automatically. They slow down the last few centimeters, the closing movement slows down as well and the door closed soundless.
That sounds good - and looks even better: Thanks to the automatic closing function, half-open doors belong to the past.
An effect, which makes the sophisticated and elegant appearance of the glass cubicle system VITRUM III perfect.

Always nice with the rest!

  • Calm and gentle: Thanks to Soft Close hinge the door closes on its own - initially at normal speed, the last ten centimeters before the final closing position in slow motion and therefore absolutely noiseless
  • Gentle for the nervs: Especially with toilet facilities with several cabins and used frequently no disturbing of slamming doors in the future
  • Extremely impressive: Due to the automatic the doors are always closed - visitors see on entering the washroom a continuous front row
  • Discretion, please: Because there are no more half-open toilet doors, your guests do not have to look on the toilets
  • Presious look: The complete mechanism of the soft-close feature is integrated in the fittings of Vitrum III glass cabin door and is invisible

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