Stylish and elegant partitioning.

Who doesn´t know this: Sitting on the toilet feeling undisturbed. Suddenly the door opens. The problem: Until now cubicle handles just show from the outside if it´s busy. But not from the inside – therefore visitors can not be quite sure if they have really locked the door.

The solution: INSAFE comes as first handle with a red-white viewing window also on the cubicle inside. Therefore awkward surprises certainly won’t happen.

Everything under control with INSAFE

  • Innovative: The first cubicle handle, which has a red-white indicator on the inside – so the visitors can feel safe
  • Clearly: Large viewing window on the outside show users directly which cubicles are free
  • Manageable: INSAFE is particularly easy in handling, even for kids and older people
  • Attractive: Confidents not only by optimal functionality, but also through the protruding design
  • Robust: INSAFE is completely made of aluminium – so the handle is extremely durable and robust


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