Toilet partitions and sanitary equipment for hotels and gastronomy

Dull and colourless in the WC room was yesterday. Your guests want to feel completely comfortable during their entire stay with you. This naturally includes the time spent in using sanitary facilities. The choice of colour and design also plays an important role in the sanitary room. Colours influence our well-being. A pleasant atmosphere should therefore also be created in these areas.

Dive into another world for a brief moment. You can inspire your guests with an impressive performance even in the quietest of places. The combination of colours and motifs makes unique theme worlds possible, which, depending on the implementation, are literally brought to life. Theme concepts of your business can be realised in this way down to the last detail. This is how sanitary rooms can be individual, colourful, extraordinary, and grandiose with Schäfer Trennwandsysteme.

Our products offer you a wide range of design options for the furnishing of your sanitary facilities. With our toilet partition walls and matching privacy screens, the room concept is perfectly implemented. Of course, you will also find the right accessories and baby changing tables for every room situation. With individually adapted back walls, whether single-coloured, multi-coloured or even with a motif print, completely new design possibilities will be created.

A perfectly designed wellness area also includes an equally comfortable and modern infrastructure. Shelves and lockers offer your guests sufficient storage space. We individually manufacture shower partitions according to your specifications for your wellness area. Changing cubicles and lockers are available from us perfectly matched to your furnishing concept. The large selection of materials and colours leaves nothing to be desired.

And your staff rooms can also be excellently equipped with our products. Lockers, safe deposit boxes and bench systems complete the staff changing area.

Sanitary rooms and wellness areas with Schäfer partition wall systems can be so individual, colourful, extraordinary and grandiose.

Productoverview for hotel business and gastronomy

WC partitions

Modern and themed WC partition walls for hotels and gastronomy. Here, you will find WC partition walls for your sanitary rooms: room-high installations for more privacy, sanitary partitions in a floating look - a highlight that impresses or budget-oriented WC partition walls. Exclusive variants with or completely made of glass. Product overview >

Privacy screens

WC partition walls and matching privacy screens in a uniform design enable the realisation of perfectly coordinated sanitary rooms. Hygiene and privacy are thus aesthetically combined. View product >


Keep clothing and valuables clean and safe. Your guests can do this particularly stylish by using lockers and furnishings from Schäfer. We also offer a wide range of products for the personnel area. The dimensions and sizes of the lockers are made according to customer requirements. Product overview >

Shower partitions

Shower partitions offer your guests comfort and well-being when showering. Various easy-care materials as well as a wide range of colours make the shower area perfect. Your new shower partitions from Schäfer are made to fit your building project. View product >

Deposit boxes

Keep valuables safe. This can be done particularly stylish by using Schäfer deposit boxes. A wide variety of materials and colours allow the greatest possible scope for design. The dimensions and sizes are made according to customer requirements. View product >

Shelf solutions

Shelf systems and storage compartments are a must have in the wellness area. Sufficient storage space makes the stay of your guests particularly comfortable. The design possibilities are almost limitless. First-class storage systems can be realised with materials and colours. Product overview >

Schäfer today

Colourful designs for kindergarten toilet partitions!

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One handrail - many options
Design your toilet partition wall now with the handrail

<strong>One handrail - many options</strong> Design your toilet partition wall now with the handrail TRY IT OUT NOW

More privacy at shower areas
Shower dividing walls make the difference!

<strong>More privacy at shower areas</strong> Shower dividing walls make the difference! VIEW PRODUCTS

Touch-free toilet doors
Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room

<strong>Touch-free toilet doors</strong> Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room MORE INFORMATION

Door handle SLIDESAFE
Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy!

<strong>Door handle SLIDESAFE</strong> Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy! VIEW SLIDESAFE
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