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Equipping of a swimming pool. Renovating the sanitary area in a camping site. Renovating a school toilet. New construction of a nursery school. Renovating the toilet facilities in an office... Every construction project is different. The demands and requirements vary enormously depending on the project and installation conditions. But all projects have one thing in common: they require modern, design-oriented, easy-to-clean, durable products that have been thought through to the smallest of details and make the user feel good. Whether you are looking for waterproof shower enclosures, highly-exclusive glass cubicles, budget-oriented toilet partitions, extremely durable partition wall systems - that's what we at Schäfer Trennwandsysteme specialise in. That is why we offer you from our extensive product portfolio exactly the product solution you need for your project. Tailor made and manufactured with all our expertise.

Industry solutions at a glance

Products for swimming pools and spas

From swimming pools and spas, today's visitors expect a high quality experience more than ever before. Above all, however, emphasis is placed on a service-oriented infrastructure that more than meets the requirements of comfort, safety, hygiene and visual attractiveness. Make sure you have a feeling of complete well-being in your swimming pool, which will accompany the visitor throughout their stay and will be a lasting memory.

Products for camping sites

Would you like to renovate the sanitary area at your camping site? Our comprehensive product range offers you a maximum number of design options and solutions for every budget. From the series system in a basic design to the exclusive solution made of glass. We want you to be able to choose exactly the type of system that best fits your job specification and budget without compromise.

Products for schools and universities

A dive into the world of everyday school life Today's students also want to feel comfortable in all areas of their learning and apprenticeship. Of course, this also includes the time that is spent in the use of sanitary facilities. The choice of colours and the design of sanitary rooms plays an important role. Colours determine everyday life and influence the well-being of the learner. A pleasant atmosphere should therefore also be created in the toilet rooms.

Products for nursery schools

The best for the little ones. The equipment of sanitary rooms in kindergartens must be tailored exactly to the needs of children and educators. Our products make it possible to optimally reconcile the various requirements such as changing, showering, changing clothes, handicapped facilities and much more.

Products for non-contact sanitary rooms

The first WC partition with no-touch door opening, thanks to sensor technology! With this product, we're paving the way for increased hygiene in the sanitary sector. Instead of touching the door handle, you can easily operate the cubicle doors of the Look & Wave smart WC partition by holding your hand in front of the LED sensor.

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VENTO: Luxury room-high
toilet partition made of glass

<strong>VENTO:</strong> Luxury room-high<br>toilet partition made of glass VIEW PRODUCT

Kö-Bogen: Impressive outside, indside and in the sanitary area.

<strong>Kö-Bogen:</strong> Impressive outside, indside and in the sanitary area. VIEW REFERENCE

Look&Wave smart
Contact free opening
and closing

Look&Wave smart Contact free opening and closing MORE INFORMATION

Room-high cubicles:
Maximum privacy

Room-high cubicles: Maximum privacy VIEW PRODUCTS
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