A bath in the Swiss mountains.

Schäfer Trennwandsysteme delivers the changing rooms, toilet partitions and lockers for a spectacular bathroom renovation in the middle of the Swiss mountains. The exciting story about an exceptional job at Rigi-Kaltbad.

Times are changing: In the past the bathers on Rigi-Kaltbad were allowed - the name says it all - to dip in the icy waters of the "Drei-Schwester-Brunnen; then run around the chapel and pray five "Our ​​Fathers" and "Hail Marys" and the faith. Today' no visitors would do this and thats why the valuable mineral water is heated for the newly renovated building to a pleasant 35 degrees. Which dressing rooms, toilet partitions and lockers were used by the former bathers, is unfortunately not known. Anyway, the contract for the renovation of the modern cold bath on the 1,450 m high Rigi got Schäfer Trennwandsysteme.

Deep below the Lake Lucerne, high above the Alpine panorama of the four thousand - not only the view from the outdoor pool is spectacular. The Ticino architect Mario Botta used a daring design and fine materials to give the old mineral baths on the traditional Rigi new life. The costs for this renovation was 26 million Swiss francs. About 500 tons of granite now onn the outer skin of the futuristic building. In the inside, the extraordinary ambience continues consistently. Corresponding to the maple - Baffle ceiling of the bath, the floating changing cubicles of type EF-3 are coated with a light maple surface and dark fittings. The toilet partitions EF-3 come from the same product line, while the shower walls VITRUM III are from the successful glass series. With the frosted glass the look promises permanent beauty. Last but not least HPL lockers type GVKF13 were installed, that are also tagged with a durable maple finish.

Dressing rooms, toilet partitions, shower partitions and lockers of Schäfer Trennwandsysteme effortlessly keep the standard that the star designer Botta has set for the entire building. More than 100,000 visitors can relax in the 30-meter indoor pool and the various thermal pools or spa areas.

For visitors to Rigi Kaltbad the partition solutions of Schäfer are an integral part of a new, highly attractive concept. For the Westerwald partition specialist the swimming pool should have been on the highest place ever where he installed toilet partitions, shower partitions and lockers. Moreover, even the first and only place where the material had to be transported by cog railway. Namely roads do not lead to the popular Rigi Bad.

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Touch-free toilet doors
Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room

<strong>Touch-free toilet doors</strong> Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room MORE INFORMATION

Room-high cubicles
Maximum privacy

<strong>Room-high cubicles</strong> Maximum privacy VIEW PRODUCTS

More privacy at shower areas
Shower dividing walls make the difference!

<strong>More privacy at shower areas</strong> Shower dividing walls make the difference! VIEW PRODUCTS



Sanitary partition wall SVFG40
A modern sanitary partition wall makes the difference!

<strong>Sanitary partition wall SVFG40</strong> A modern sanitary partition wall makes the difference! VIEW SVFG40
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