A flying saucer has landed in a blank landscape.

That’s how the leisure and swimming centre “Les Thermes” in Strassen-Bertrange seems to look like. In 2004 the architects Hermann & Valentiny et Associés, Atelier d’Architecture et de Desing Jim Clemes and witry & witry architecture urbanisme won the architects competition with their high impact conceptual design. A truncated amethyst, characterized by a unimposing cover and a unique and special interior, was the spin doctor for this conceptual design. The interplay of extremes was focused. So a combination of open and closed areas, a cooperation of indoor and outdoor areas and a wide range for insight, perspectives and views can be found.

In the compact atmosphere of the changing area Schäfer Trennwandsysteme took colour as leading concept for their EF-3 changing cubicles. By using different colours the changing area gets a very special design and the visitors a lead optimally. So function and design are combined perfectly.

Even the Schäfer cloakroom lockers type GVKF13 fit perfectly in the changing area. The use of the same HPL surfaces make the grade of a continuous design.

The project was successfully finished in 2009.

Impressions of the interplay of extremes: Download Brochure Les Thermes

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