Fächerbad Karlsruhe.

In north-east Karlsruhe, both the residents of Karlsruhe and guests from near and far relax and enjoy saunas in the Fächerbad. This fitness and family pool opened its doors for swimming enthusiasts for the first time in 1982. Since 2015, extensive refurbishment measures have been carried out over a total of two construction phases. The first construction phase was successfully completed in 2016.

Open when the sun is out. Closed when it's raining.

The highlight of the partially refurbished Fächerbad is the newly built convertible pool. The 25m pool with six lanes owes its name to its roof construction. Like a convertible hood, the roof is opened in good weather. Swimming beneath the open sky then turns into a special experience for the guests, even outside of the outdoor bathing season. Large glass fronts with sliding doors can also be opened and allow direct access to the lawn from the indoor pool.

Quality and design are paramount.

Visitors should be able to enjoy comfort and an atmosphere of well-being during their stay at the Fächerbad. For those running the business, it was therefore clear that not only the ambience in the swimming area itself, but also the spaces in the changing areas, showers and sanitary facilities need to exude a sense of comfort. They decided on warm colours and high-quality materials. Schäfer Trennwandsysteme products were used. The changing rooms were given exclusive glass changing cubicles of the VITRUM II model in a warm shade of yellow. These are extremely sturdy and, due to their smooth surface, also easy to clean.

Stowed safely

Visitors to the Fächerbad can stow away clothing and valuables safely and cleanly in the GVKF13 lockers. Matching, pre-assembled S20 model benches complement the locker system in the changing area.

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