Extravagant and contactless – Riva Restaurant & Bar, Düsseldorf

The cult and trendy Riva in Düsseldorf stands for extravagance and glamour. It is not only a restaurant and bar, but also a trendy party location where stars and starlets come together. Embedded in modern architecture directly at the Medienhafen in Düsseldorf, the Riva offers its guests a very special mixture of culinary excellence, relaxed lounge atmosphere and hip scene club.

Highest standards of hygiene and design

The highest standards of quality and comfort run like a red thread through the entire restaurant. In the course of the renovation measures, the sanitary facilities in the Riva were equipped with touch-free WC partition walls from Schäfer. With Look&Wave, a solution was found that optimises hygiene and at the same time offers exceptional comfort. Look&Wave stands for contactless opening and closing of the WC doors. Using modern LED sensor technology, the door of the WC cubicle can be locked and unlocked with a simple hand movement, all without having to touch a single surface. As a result, WC partitions equipped with Look&Wave technology offer the best sanitary hygiene in pandemic times. Current hygiene standards are exceeded, germ transmission is reduced to a minimum and user comfort is maximised.

Maximum comfort

The built-in LED sensor indicates by green and red light whether a WC cubicle is free or occupied. It also detects the number of users and - after a predefined number - automatically signals the need to clean the WC cubicle. Clean and hygienic sanitary facilities are thus guaranteed and ensure maximum well-being for the users. 

In the event of a power failure, the doors unlock automatically. In addition, a service key is available to open the doors from the outside in an emergency.

High cleaning efficiency with floating lightness

In the Riva, Look&Wave was installed in the WC partitions of the EF-3 type. These WC partitions impress with their robust and completely waterproof material composition. 

They consist of high-quality sandwich elements with a 36 mm thick HPL surface, which is available in many colours and decors. The high-quality fitting system made of anodised aluminium has an additional noble and modern look.

The Look&Wave technology is embedded in the surface of this WC partition, creating a flush front. This is not only visually very appealing, but also very easy to clean. The recessed feet, which give the impression of floating, also ensure that cleaning can be carried out efficiently.

Hardly more elaborate than a standard solution and yet a highly exclusive WC partition wall system!

You can find the reference list for Look&Wave objects here.

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