Aurora Botnia

The Aurora Botnia is the newest and most environmentally friendly ro-pax ferry of the owner Kvarken Link, operated by the Finnish shipping company Wasaline. This car and passenger ferry with two vehicle decks and 1.5 km of track metres connects the Finnish city of Vaasa with the Swedish city of Umeå all year round, setting new standards in environmental protection. 

The Aurora Botnia exceeds the requirements of the MARPOL Conventions for the prevention of pollution from ships, which also makes it the first combined ferry to be classified in the Clean Design class. This means that the Aurora Botnia can call itself one of the most environmentally friendly ferries in the world.

The ship has a hybrid propulsion system. The ship's main engines can run on liquefied natural gas, liquefied biogas and biodiesel as well as on electricity. The emission-free electric drive is used by the Aurora Botnia especially for journeys to and from ports, but also for the power supply during berthing times in port or for hotel operations on board.

This ferry is not only a front-runner in terms of environmental protection, but also in terms of interior quality and design. The public sanitary facilities were equipped with high-quality WC partitions NAVIC , which were specially designed for shipping.

This type of WC partition wall from Schäfer Trennwandsysteme was specially developed for use at sea. The NAVIC sanitary partitions have been designed in accordance with the applicable regulations for marine products and thus fulfil all the prescribed requirements of the current fire protection regulations as well as seawater resistance.

However, this type of toilet facility is not only functional and safe, but also aesthetically appealing and design-oriented, thus conveying a feel-good atmosphere to passengers in the public toilet area.

The modernly designed sanitary areas from Schäfer guarantee passengers maximum privacy so that they can enjoy their journey to the full.

Shipping company: Wasaline

Length: 150 m
Width: 26 m
Height: 6,1 m 
Construction Year: 2021
Passengers: 800

Photo: Wasaline

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Sanitary partition wall SVFG40
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