Isel group, location Berlin.

The toilet rooms of the isel group at the Berlin location show in a special way that sanitary facilities can be much more than functional rooms that fulfil their purpose. 

Open air feeling on the toilet

The sanitary facilities of the ladies and men's toilet rooms were extensively renovated. The result is impressive in many ways. When you enter the premises, the first thing that catches your eye is the flower meadow under a light blue summer sky. And the user automatically has a positive feeling.

World of experience office life

Trist and colorless was yesterday. When planning this construction project, the client and architect were fully aware that employees and customers also want to feel comfortable during working hours - and this naturally includes the time spent using sanitary facilities.

The choice of colors and the design in sanitary rooms plays an important role and influences our well-being. Diving into another world for a short moment and leaving the stress and hectic of everyday life behind. In these sanitary rooms this is definitely possible!

The photo motif is fully applied to the VITRUM II glass toilet partitions from Schäfer. The motif was already printed onto the carrier plates during the glass production and thus achieves the same high surface quality as with conventional screen printing. In the men's WC rooms, the privacy screens also made of glass, were also provided with the floral motif print.

Glass - high quality, hygienic, durable

The material glass not only creates a special and high-quality ambience, it is also ideally suited for creating exclusive, hygienic and durable sanitary rooms.

The washbasins made of HPL solid-core panels type VKW are also color-coordinated with the room concept. The design leaves nothing to be desired. Colors, shapes and equipment are realized entirely according to customer requirements. The use of high-quality materials places special emphasis on easy cleaning, hygiene and durability.

These extraordinary sanitary rooms, which present a very successful combination of design, exclusivity, creativity and functionality, are a statement for outstanding hospitality!

Schäfer today

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