Centre of judiciary Koblenz.

Koblenz, the German City where the rivers Rhine and Mosel come together required a new centre of judiciary. The intention was to combine the judicial authorities and courts splitted all over the city in one building and thus to improve the service as well as the availability for the employees and the general public considerably. The design contract for the new building was placed with the architect’s office von Canal www.voncanal.de. The style of von Canal is reflected in many areas of the new building.

Schäfer Trennwandsysteme furnished all toilet rooms with partitions of the cubicle system type SVFG40. As surface colour a fresh green was chosen that can also be seen in other parts of the building. The fresh green colour as contrast to the high quality wood cross bands of cubicle type SVFG40, the absolute flush-fitting appearance and the use of high-quality fittings end up in a high-class and design-orientated overall picture integrating perfectly in the building.

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