Room high glass cubicles at Centre of Conference.

With an intelligent concept for architecture and use the Centre of Conferences on Kirchberg in Luxembourg shows world-class level. The new building was integrated in an existing sky scraper structure and offers the most modern equipment for conventions and conferences. The centre is able to take in participants of a convention from 350 until more than 1000 and provides all services and means of communication that are needed in such meetings. Centre of Conferences has been awarded with the architektual price of the "Fondation de L'architecture et de L'ingénierie".

Schäfer Trennwandsysteme fitted the WC areas with its room-high glass sanitary cubicles type VITRUM ALTUS. All fronts were fixed to the on-site bricked walls kompletely foot-free so that an exclusive an elegant solution has been built. The attachements were especially for this object and so we were able to install glass elements with a hight up to 2500 mm in one piece.

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