WC partitions made of wood - ecology meets modern design

Wooden WC partitions are an excellent choice if the focus is not only on functionality, but also on modern design. WC partitions made of wood materials are characterised by the processing of high-quality materials and therefore particularly stand for stability and durability.

Hygiene meets aesthetics: contactless wooden WC partitions 

Maximum hygiene and at the same time elegant, modern design - these are wooden WC facilities equipped with smart Look&Wave technology. The touch-free Look&Wave door system opens and closes the toilet cubicle door simply by moving the hand, without any contact. The wide variety of colours, decors, wood looks and door systems makes every WC cubicle unique and gives the sanitary room a very special touch.

WC partitions made from sustainable forestry

Our wooden WC partition systems can also be supplied with FSCTM (FSC-C147242) and PEFC (PEFC/04-31-3143) certification on request. In this way, sanitary solutions from Schäfer take account of the sustainability concept, as the wood used for this purpose comes from ecological and responsible forestry.

A toilet partition system from Schäfer, for the sake of the environment!

Product overview: WC partitions made from wood

SV30: The budget-friendly WC partition for dry rooms

SV30 Schäfer WC partitions with chipboard coated in melamine resin are the right choice if you need a budget-friendly, sturdy cubicle system that is easy to clean. They are the ideal product for dry toilet facilities. View product >

SVF30: The WC partition made from chipboard

The SVF30 WC partition consists of melamine-faced chipboard with coloured ABS edging. It is an excellent choice if an attractive design is required alongside pure functionality. Swift cleaning, effective edge protection and an appealing design are the convincing advantages offered by this WC partition system. View product >

SVF30 JUMP: The flush-mounted WC partition

SVF30 JUMP is made from high quality chipboard and is ideally suited for use in dry rooms. Stable aluminium holders paired with the recessed profile of the upper section ensure high stability. The flush-mounted fronts are not only a visual highlight: they are also extremely easy to clean as they do not have any visible fittings. View product >

SVF30/S ALTUS: The floor-to-ceiling WC partition as a basic solution

Made of 30 mm-thick chip composite elements. On the outside, the front is completely flush. The SVF30/S ALTUS WC partition is the budget-level entry point in the range of floor-to-ceiling WC partitions for dry areas. View product >

SVF30 KIGA: The basic cubicle for children

This cubicle type for children connects best quality with high standard of safety which is absolut necessary for children. The maintenance free and robust construction, easy cleaning and the good design makes this cubicle type to a perfect solution for children. View product >

SVFG40: The exclusive WC partition system with real wood edging

The SVFG40 WC partition wins people over with its particularly high-quality workmanship and maximum versatility. High-quality real wood edging, paired with 40 mm-thick chipboard and aluminium profiles, speaks for itself. A wide range of materials can be combined to create the greatest possible freedom of design. A flexible all-rounder for the exclusive sanitary sector. View product >

SVFG40 ALTUS: The WC partition with genuine wood edging

Made of 40 mm chipboard, SVFG40 ALTUS sets new standards in dry room systems. These WC partitions are a winner thanks to their exclusive appearance. Lacquered genuine wood edging, fully flush surfaces and the option of hinges set into the door rabbet make this premium system a visual experience. View product >

VK13: The tried-and-tested, durable WC partition system

The VK13 toilet partition has been tried and tested thousands of times over the past few years. The combination of 13 mm-thick, waterproof HPL solid core panels and a robust profile frame makes this type of system particularly sturdy and durable. View product >

VK13 JUMP: The waterproof WC partition

VK13 JUMP WC partitions combine full waterproofing, high stability and ease of cleaning with maximum robustness. The appealing design makes VK13 JUMP a highlight in the sanitary sector. This type of system allows rooms to be customised in terms of colour and design. View product >

VKH13: The suspended, no-foot solution for WC partitions

The suspended construction of the VKH13 Schäfer WC partition system means that it hardly needs feet to support it. It is a good alternative if a high-quality WC partition is required that is exceptionally easy to use. VKH13 is made from 13 mm-thick HPL solid core panels. Due to its waterproof construction, this WC partition can be installed in both dry and wet rooms. View product >

VK13 KIGA: The durable cubicle for children

Cubicle type VK13 KIGA is the ideal cubicle for children because of the variety, the colour combination, the water resistance, the fancy design and most of all because of the high standard of safety and stability. View product >

Schäfer: First PEFC- and FSC-certified manufacturer of WC partition walls

Schäfer Trennwandsysteme is thus the first manufacturer of WC partition systems to have the entire production process - from the forestry operation to the finished WC partition - independently inspected and is the first and only manufacturer to be certified to both FSCTM and PEFC to date. These international certificates underline that the used wood comes from sustainable and responsible forestry. This means that PEFC- and FSCTM-certified wooden WC partitions are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also particularly sustainable.

For all our sanitary solutions, we place the utmost importance on the best possible quality to ensure the longevity of our products. Modern WC facilities are more than just functional units: Visitors want to feel comfortable with maximum privacy. Thanks to our innovative and versatile partition wall solutions, there is the right WC partition wall for every budget and every room situation. From the standard version, to exclusive WC partitions made of glass, to floor-to-ceiling WC units for maximum privacy or attractive WC partition systems made of wood, every customer will find the right solution for their individual building project. Typical Schäfer!

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