Product features and application of VENTO
  • Highly exclusive room-high toilet partition made of glass
  • Completely flush-fitting front
  • Different door handles available
  • 40 mm strong, wrap-free sandwich construction
  • 5 mm thick safety glass (SPSG/ESG-H) overlay on both sides
  • Internal aluminium frame
  • Doors with self-closing function
  • Integrated soft-close feature
  • For wet rooms and dry sanitary areas
  • Wall and ceiling connections designed as descreet shadow gaps
  • Doors without a plate up to a height of 3.000 mm
  • Safety glass is available in all RAL colours
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VENTO: Luxury room-high toilet partition made of glass.

The new room-high toilet partition VENTO from Schäfer Trennwandsysteme sets new (vertical) standards and responds perfectly to the trend for ceiling-height partitions in sanitary areas. This highly exclusive glass installation is primarily aimed at buildings with high-quality, luxurious interior design that is also reflected in their sanitary facilities.



Unique in design and construction

VENTO is the first toilet partition of its kind on the market. A perfectly formed construction with superb properties: the system consists of a 40 mm-thick, torsion-resistant sandwich construction with a 5 mm-thick safety glass (SPSG/ESG-H) overlay on both sides and an internal aluminium frame. The safety glass is available in all RAL colours, thus offering the highest degree of freedom in design. Wall and ceiling connections are styled as discreet shadow gaps.

The ceiling-height, floating glass surfaces are impressive. What's really special: up to a height of 3,000 mm, the elements can be supplied in one piece! Due to its unique design, VENTO is completely flush-mounted. Apart from the door handles, which can be chosen entirely according to the customer's wishes, there are no protruding fittings.

Utterly quiet, utterly effective.

The doors are led through high-quality floor and ceiling bearings and are equipped with a self-closing function. Automatic, quiet closing is ensured by the integrated soft-close feature. And so even when there are a high number of visitors, a pleasant and quiet atmosphere is guaranteed. The ceiling-height design of the VENTO toilet partition also contributes to this. Doors, lateral walls and partitions are sealed from floor to ceiling. Background noise is minimised, but users are afforded their own private area, which guarantees a maximum amount of privacy.

VENTO sets new standards, both in the field of glass toilet partitions and when it comes to floor-to-ceiling constructions. An impressive, floating glass front, sealed all the way to the ceiling and without any visible profiles or fittings, is the trademark of this installation type. VENTO is a symbol of modern, expressive and luxurious interior design. Privacy guaranteed!

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