Floor-to-ceiling toilet partitions – Maximum privacy.

Privacy in addition to the next door cubicle, a private and restricted area in a cubcile unit - these are the undeniable benefits of a full-height toilet partition. And it looks good too: Do you prefer elegant and simple vertical surfaces - or maybe more colorful designs? The variety of design variations from floor to ceiling partitions, designed by Schäfer Trennwandsysteme, is virtually inexhaustible. Countless material, design and equipment options waiting to be used by you for your individual toilet facilities.

Product overview: Floor-to-ceiling WC partitions

VENTO: The luxurious wc partition made from glass

The new, highly exclusive VENTO WC partition is unique in terms of design and construction. It sets new standards both in the fields of glass toilet cubicles and the domain of floor-to-ceiling systems. The glass fronts do not have any visible fittings, and are manufactured in a single piece up to a height of 3,000 mm. They are the right choice for luxurious sanitary facilities. View product >

EF-3 ALTUS: A WC partition for all areas

The flush-mounted EF-3 ALTUS WC partition is in a class of its own. It consists of lightweight yet sturdy sandwich elements with a HPL surface. As a waterproof system, it is ideal for wet and dry areas. Its first-class look and ease of cleaning are hallmarks of this WC partition system. View product >

SVFG40 ALTUS: The WC partition with genuine wood edging

Made of 40 mm chipboard, SVFG40 ALTUS sets new standards in dry room systems. These WC partitions are a winner thanks to their exclusive appearance. Lacquered genuine wood edging, fully flush surfaces and the option of hinges set into the door rabbet make this premium system a visual experience. View product >

SVF30/S ALTUS: The floor-to-ceiling WC partition as a basic solution

Made of 30 mm-thick chip composite elements. On the outside, the front is completely flush. The SVF30/S ALTUS WC partition is the budget-level entry point in the range of floor-to-ceiling WC partitions for dry areas. View product >

PUP40 ALTUS: WC partition with elements that appear to be made in one piece

Sandwich elements made of coloured coated steel or aluminium are characteristic of this WC partition. Ideal for dry and wet areas, PUP40 ALTUS can be used in a variety of ways. The folded half-spheres with no edges allow the door rabbet to be formed without additional profiles. View product >

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VENTO: Luxury room-high
toilet partition made of glass

<strong>VENTO:</strong> Luxury room-high<br>toilet partition made of glass VIEW PRODUCT

Kö-Bogen: Impressive outside, indside and in the sanitary area.

<strong>Kö-Bogen:</strong> Impressive outside, indside and in the sanitary area. VIEW REFERENCE

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Room-high cubicles:
Maximum privacy

Room-high cubicles: Maximum privacy VIEW PRODUCTS
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