Product features and application of PUP30 JUMP
  • Floating optic by recessed back feet and head rail
  • Absolut flush-fitting front
  • Hardware made of natural anodised aluminium
  • Complete water resistant construction
  • High quality sandwich elements, 30 mm thick lacquered steel or aluminium sheets
  • Versatile colour options selectable


SCHÄFER references according to this product

PUP30 JUMP: Flush and floating.

Schäfer’s PUP30 JUMP model toilet cubicle unit is impressive, due to its smooth front surfaces and full colour harmony. All elements exhibit the same powder-coated surface, ensuring uniform colour design. This makes a high-quality and architecturally successful overall unit. The light, yet extremely sturdy sandwich construction easily accommodates even the most unconventional assemblies. For the elements’ finish, choose from either stainless steel or powder coated steel or aluminium sheets.

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