Product features and application of EF-3 JUMP light elements
  • Design highlight: light elements with a glass panel in the front (ESG)
  • Light colour selectable
  • Floating optic by recessed back feet and head rail
  • Absolut flush-fitting front
  • Hardware made of natrual anodised aluminium
  • Complete water resistant construction
  • High quality sandwich elements, 36 mm thick with solid grade laminate surface
  • Great decor and colour diversity available


SCHÄFER references according to this product

EF-3 JUMP light elements: More light. More space. More well-being.

Illuminated front elements at EF-3 JUMP light elements: The perfect combination of design and function. This is the highlight in your sanitary area with this type of lighting and achieve a very exclusive lighting effect. Energy-saving LED strips are used, whose colours can be changed individually. 

Interesting facts about EF-3 JUMP light elements

  • WC partition walls made of 36 mm thick sandwich elements with HPL surface
  • Recessed supports and headrail give a floating look
  • No support feet visible in the front
  • Floor clearance ensures a quick and effective cleaning
  • Wall connections are done as shadow gaps
  • Glass pane made of safety glass (ESG-H) is suspended in the front elements
  • Energy-saving LED strips with individually selectable light colour
  • No visible screw connections
  • Safety device for removing the glass can be released quickly and easily be the building service
  • Power is supplied invisibly through the partition wall or via the head rail
  • Suitable for dry areas
  • Large variety of decors and colours
  • Hardware made of high-quality anodised aluminium
  • Flush front
  • Easy to clean and maintain construction
  • System will be produced acc. to the building site dimension
  • Made in Germany
  • Tested and certified by TÜV NORD these products meet the requirements of the Product Safety Act ProdSG § 21
    Registration No. 44 329 14148801 

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