WC partition systems:

It is not without any reason that we have this wide range of products. We want you to be able to choose the kind of cubicle that fits exactly into your demand without any compromises. Beginning with a simple sanitary cubicle for dry areas over durable constructions for wet room areas up to a solution which is most exclusive and geared to the design of the building – we have the right product for every demand!

Product overview: WC partitions

WC partition with no-touch door opening

The first WC partition with no-touch door opening, thanks to sensor technology! With this product, we're paving the way for increased hygiene in the sanitary sector. Instead of touching the door handle, you can easily operate the cubicle doors of the Look & Wave smart WC partition by holding your hand in front of the LED sensor. View product >

WC partitions and cabinets made from glass

Exclusivity, quality, safety, hygiene – no other WC partition offers these benefits for as long as a glass cubicle does. VITRUM WC partitions represent the pinnacle of stability and longevity: timeless beauty and elegant design characterise glass as a material.
Product overview >

Floor-to-ceiling WC partitions

More privacy while using the WC – that's what Schäfer's floor-to-ceiling WC partitions offer. The floor-to-ceiling construction means that the user is provided with a private area while in the cubicle. In terms of design, the range of materials stretches from chipboard to HPL solid core panels, through to glass partitions. Product overview >

WC partitions that seem to be floating

The design of these WC partitions makes it look as if the sanitary unit were floating. This expressive appearance is made possible through their special design, which adds a significant boost to the sanitary area and provides a visual highlight. The floating WC partitions are easy to clean, which is an additional plus. Product overview >

WC partitions made from wood

Wooden WC partitions are an excellent choice if the focus is not only on functionality, but also on modern design. WC partitions made of wood materials are characterised by the processing of high-quality materials and therefore particularly stand for stability and durability. Product overview >

Standard WC partitions

There is a large selection of colours and materials, meaning that there is nothing left wanting in terms of design. Whether for wet or dry areas, from budget-oriented solutions to exclusive designer partitions – our WC partitions form the heart of modern sanitary facilities. Product overview >

WC Partition Kindergartens

The kindergarten WC partitions combine an exciting and at the same time highly superior design with a learning character. The WC partitions, which were tested by TÜV Nord, were specially developed and designed to meet the requirements of kindergartens. Not only colourful and child-friendly, but also safe, hygienic and individually mixable.
Product overview >

Privacy screens for your toilet partitions

Toilet partitions and matching privacy screens in a uniform design enable you to create perfectly coordinated sanitary facilities. Hygiene and privacy are aesthetically combined. View product >

Things to know about WC partitions

Partition walls exist in various areas and applications. Partition walls are used especially in the sanitary area to build a WC cubicle. Therefore, one also speaks of WC partitions in this context. A WC cubicle usually consists of two side walls and a WC door, which are joined together by connecting elements (profiles). Both the side walls and the door are made of WC partitions and together form a WC partition system. This can be individual WC cubicles or a sanitary system consisting of several WC cubicles.

WC partition wall systems are mainly used in public areas where sanitary facilities are highly frequented. Thanks to their modular and therefore highly variable design, WC partitions are suitable for all sectors and can be flexibly adapted to any room situation. This maximum flexibility in combination with different materials is the great advantage of WC partition wall systems, which is why they are often used in office buildings, hotels and restaurants, schools, swimming pools, event and exhibition halls, but also camping sites, kindergartens or even on cruise ships. 

Every industry is a little different and has different needs, so we have put together special industry brochures that take these industry-specific requirements into account. 

There is a suitable WC partition for every application, take a look for yourself:

Industry solution for “Non-Contact Sanitary rooms"

Industry solution for "office and commercial buildings”

Industry solution for "for congress centres, trade fair and event halls”

Industry solution for "hotels and gastronomy”

Industry solution for "schools and universities”

Industry solution for "Swimming pools and spas”

Industry solution for "camping sites”

Industry solution for "nursery schools”

Industry solution for "cruise ships and ferries”

Individuality is a top priority for WC partitions and this is also reflected in the choice of materials. The materials used for WC partition systems have different material properties, which not only determine the appearance but also the area of application of the partitions.

Wooden WC partitions

WC partitions made of wood are characterized by their high-quality workmanship and therefore stand for stability and durability in particular. Tried and tested and innovative technology are not mutually exclusive, as our non-contact wooden WC partitions impressively prove. 

These WC partition systems are equipped with the innovative Look&Wave door system. This smart sensor opens and closes the WC cubicle door simply by moving your hand, without any contact.

WC partitions made of HPL solid core panels

WC partition wall systems made of 13 mm thick, waterproof HPL solid-core panels are made to last. This extremely stable type of WC partition is ideal for wet areas and is also quick and easy to clean.

WC partitions made of solid chipboard

These WC partitions are made of melamine resin-coated solid chipboard and are the right choice in dry sanitary facilities. This type of WC system is characterised by an almost infinite variety of decors and colours.

WC partitions made of glass

Exclusive, elegant and durable - this is how glass WC partitions are best described.
The material glass not only creates a particularly high-quality ambience, it is also ideal when it comes to creating robust, durable and vandal-proof WC facilities.

WC partitions made of EF-3

Two 36 mm thick sandwich elements with HPL surface form the EF-3 WC partition. An internal torsion-resistant aluminium frame provides the necessary stability for this completely waterproof WC partition.

WC partitions made of steel or aluminium

This WC partition system consists of high-quality sandwich elements, made of painted sheet steel or aluminium. The flush-fitting fronts, a wide range of colours and water resistance are the distinguishing features of this type of WC system.

A WC partition system is only really complete with the necessary accessories and unfolds its full functionality. Robust, modern, durable and yet practical and quick to clean are not only the premises for WC partitions, but also describe the attributes of our sanitary accessories. The diverse sanitary accessories are available in high-quality stainless steel, elegant aluminium or practical nylon and add value to the toilet facility, even after years of use.

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Colourful designs for kindergarten toilet partitions!

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One handrail - many options
Design your toilet partition wall now with the handrail

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More privacy at shower areas
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Touch-free toilet doors
Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room

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Door handle SLIDESAFE
Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy!

<strong>Door handle SLIDESAFE</strong> Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy! VIEW SLIDESAFE
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