Product features and application of Hair drying stations
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Hair drying stations.

They complete the interior design of swimming pools, sports and fitness areas. Hair drying stations not only enhance the respective room concept. They are the last place a customer visits at a sports or wellness facility. The last impression counts - as well as the first - and therefore should also impress in terms of comfort, design and user-friendliness. There are no limits to the (colour) design. We deploy a variety of materials such as glass, solid surface or HPL solid core panels and create custom-made hair drying stations according to your wishes. Stable, waterproof and durable constructions ensure a perfect impression even after many years of use.

Product features and application for the hair dryer stations

  • Individuality through tailor-made production
  • Various materials are available: glass, HPL solid core panels, solid surface materials
  • The colour range is almost limitless
  • Stable, waterproof and durable constructions
  • Adaptation of materials and design to the changing rooms, lockers and toilet partitions are possible
  • Especially easy to clean
  • Made in Germany

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