Product features and application of GVKF13
  • Lockers completely made of solid grade laminate with aluminium profile system
  • Flush fitting fronts
  • Particularly suitable for use in swimming pools
  • Integrated break-in protection
  • Flexible in dimensions and compartment partitioning
  • Doors made of 13 mm thick solid grade laminate
  • Versatile colour options selectable


GVKF13: Locker systems and cloakroom systems.

The GVKF13 locker units are an attractive solution when a uniform and continuous front is desired. Thanks to a special front profile, the locker units in this series have a complete flush surface. The result is a calm and extremely harmonious look. The combination of different colours sets design accents. Thanks to the variable locker body construction, the locker dimensions and layouts can be perfectly matched to the requirements of the respective building project. The areas of application of the robust and durable GVKF13 cloakroom lockers are versatile and are perfectly suited, for example, for swimming pools, schools, fitness studios, staff areas in office buildings and production facilities, in the hotel industry and wherever clothing needs to be stored cleanly and safely.

Interesting facts about GVKF13

  • Locker systems and cloakroom systems made of solid grade laminate panels
  • Lockers made entirely of solid grade laminate
  • With an aluminium profile system
  • Doors made of 13 mm solid grade laminate
  • Body made of 4 mm or 8 mm solid grade laminate
  • Integrated break-in protection for more security
  • Flush fronts
  • Robust, durable and very easy to clean
  • Waterproof construction
  • Ideal for wet and dry rooms
  • Flexible in dimensions and compartment layout
  • Lockers are made to measure
  • Large decor and colour selection
  • Motif prints optionally possible
  • Made in Germany
  • Tested and certified by TÜV NORD these products meet the requirements of the Product Safety Act ProdSG § 21
    Registration No. 44 329 14148813

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