Types of product: Sandwich elements with HPL surface


Look&Wave smart. Contactless opening and closing

With the first non-contact toilet partition we open the way for even more hygiene in the sanitary area. Instead of touching the handles, the opening and closing of the toilet partition Look&Wave smart works by a simple hand movement in front of the LED sensors.

EF-3 JUMP. Cubicles with flush-fitting surface in floating optic

This toilet cubicle looks like it is floating. The special optics is given to the cubicle by recessed feet and a recessed head profile. Though not being technically more complex than a standard one, this toilet cubicle is highly exclusive.

EF-3 JUMP with LED free-engaged-display

An LED strip light next to the door permanently displays the lock status. If a door is locked, the light band switches from green to red. Even in large cubicle units it needs just a look to find a free cubicle.

EF-3 JUMP with light elements

Illuminated front elements: The perfect combination of design and function. Put your sanitary area in an extraordinay and unusual light by using this type of lighting. We use energy-saving LED strips, where the colour can be changed.

EF-3 ALTUS: The room-high sandwich element

Complete flush surface, solid elements up to a height of 2.700 mm. The EF-3 ALTUS toilet partition is a highlight in any sanitary area.

EF-3: Cubicle with flush-fitting surface

Schäfer toilet cubicles type EF-3 stand for absolute perfection in the manufacture of cubicles. Due to an outstanding design and a high quality as well as being absolute water-resistant this cubicle system can easily be used in every area.

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Look&Wave smart
Contact free opening
and closing

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Room-high cubicles:
Maximum privacy

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