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VENTO: Highly exclusive room-high toilet partition made of glass

The new room-high toilet partition VENTO is unique in design and construction. VENTO sets new standards, both in the field of glass toilet partitions and when it comes to floor-to-ceiling constructions. An impressive, floating glass front, sealed all the way to the ceiling and without any visible profiles or fittings, is the trademark of this installation type. VENTO is a symbol of modern, expressive and luxurious interior design.

VITRUM III: Glass cubicles for exclusive sanitary areas

The new glass cubicle type VITRUM III adopts totally new design ideas. Reduced fitting solutions made from stainless steel emphasize the precious character of the glass. The perfect cubicle for the exclusive sanitary area.

VITRUM II: lass cubicles in floating optics

Due to a recessed head profile and recessed feet the glass cubicle gets a floating impression. The combination of glass and anodized aluminium leads to a special and elegant cubicle system of highest stability and longevity.

VITRUM ALTUS: Room-high solution made of glass

Room-high toilet partitions made of glass. The exclusive shape of the floor to ceiling solutions for toilet cubicles.

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