Product features and application of VK13 KIGA
  • Speziell für die Anforderungen im Kindergarten
  • Fingerklemmschutz an Band- und Schließseite
  • Sicherheitsringgriff für kindgerechte Bedienung
  • Komplett wasserfeste Konstruktion
  • Hochwertige 13 mm starke HPL Platten
  • Große Dekor- und Farbvielfalt verfügbar

VK13 KIGA: The safe and durable cubicles for kindergartens.

Thanks to the large range of versions available, the Schäfer cubicle system type VK13 KIGA is the ideal design for use in kindergartens. Individual colour combinations, waterproof, unusual configuration options and the highest standards of safety and strength are among the plus points of this partition wall design which includes sanitary cubicles and doors with finger-protection as well as baby changing tables and vanity units.

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