Product features and application of SVF30 KIGA
  • Speziell für die Anforderungen im Kindergarten
  • Fingerklemmschutz an Band- und Schließseite
  • Sicherheitsringgriff für kindgerechte Bedienung
  • Hochwertige Spanplatte, 30 mm stark mit ABS-Umleimern im gleichen Farbton wie die Plattenoberfläche
  • Große Dekor- und Farbvielfalt verfügbar
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SVF30 KIGA Mix&Match: Big things for the little ones.

The Schaefer WC partition type SVF30 KIGA Mix&Match, specially designed for kindergartens, combines excellent quality with the high safety standard required in the toddler area. Thanks to its easy maintenance and ease of cleaning, it becomes a perfect companion in everyday kindergarten life. The maintenance-free construction of the robust SVF30 KIGA WC partition speaks for itself. The appealing look and the shapely appearance is a real eye-catcher for young and old. The special thing about our SVF30 KIGA Mix&Match WC partition: it can be designed as colorful as the kindergarten everyday life itself. The colors of the doors, partition elements, profiles, hinges, ABS edges and handles can be combined in such a way that they perfectly match your building plans. This creates countless design possibilities.

Product features and application for WC partition SVF30 KIGA Mix&Match

  • SVF30 KIGA Mix&Match: design partition wall system according to your own color wishes
  • WC partition specially designed for kindergartens and childcare facilities
  • Made of 30 mm thick melamine coated solid chipboard panels
  • Colors of doors, partition elements, profiles, hinges and handles can be chosen individually
  • ABS strips in the same color as the panel surface or as a color accent in another color
  • Finger pinch protection on hinge and closing side
  • Safety ring handle for child-friendly, easy and safe operation
  • Suitable for dry rooms
  • Wide range of decors and colors available
  • TÜV-tested quality
  • Made in Germany

Matching changing tables, Kiddy´s privacy screens and mug and hook rails are the ideal complement to the WC partitions for kindergartens.

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