Cubicles / interior for kindergartens.

When fitting out a kindergarten, the versatility of the equipment plays an important role. Ideally the products should meet the requirements of the age groups involved just as perfectly as those of adults. The combination of colours, materials and picture motifs creates a friendly and cheerful effect. Lively elements such as pictograms make it easier for the children to find their way around the building.

Product overview: Cubicles for kindergartens

VK13 KIGA: The durable cubicle for children

Cubicle type VK13 KIGA is the ideal cubicle for children because of the variety, the colour combination, the water resistance, the fancy design and most of all because of the high standard of safety and stability. View product >

SVF30 KIGA: The basic cubicle for children

This cubicle type for children connects best quality with high standard of safety which is absolut necessary for children. The maintenance free and robust construction, easy cleaning and the good design makes this cubicle type to a perfect solution for children. View product >

Product overview: Interior for kindergartens

Changing tables

Another smart idea from Schäfer: Instead of having to heave the little ones on the changing table, they can crawl up a staircase. After work, she disappears in the cupboard, hidden behind a door. View product >

Washing areas

Children are not little adults, they have very specific needs and desires. The washing places for kindergarten are therefore not just lower generated "normal" wash basins there are in form and material exactly for the small target group. View product >

Toothbrush tumbler and hook rails

Schäfer-quality in every detail: Even tooth brush bars and hook bars are in the program design to match the other kindergarten furniture of Schäfer. Colourful, yet securely. Sturdy but elegant. View product >

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VENTO: Luxury room-high
toilet partition made of glass

<strong>VENTO:</strong> Luxury room-high<br>toilet partition made of glass VIEW PRODUCT

Kö-Bogen: Impressive outside, indside and in the sanitary area.

<strong>Kö-Bogen:</strong> Impressive outside, indside and in the sanitary area. VIEW REFERENCE

Look&Wave smart
Contact free opening
and closing

Look&Wave smart Contact free opening and closing MORE INFORMATION

Room-high cubicles:
Maximum privacy

Room-high cubicles: Maximum privacy VIEW PRODUCTS
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