Cubicles and interior for kindergartens.

Brightly colored themed worlds, playful elements and maximum safety. These are the basic characteristics of our WC partitions and sanitary products for kindergartens. With our three motif series, we bring not only color but also plenty of joy of discovery into the sanitary rooms. Themed elements in the areas of summer, safari and emoji allow even the youngest to immerse themselves in exciting worlds. Every trip to the toilet becomes a highlight. With the two WC partition wall series VK13 KIGA Mix&Match and SVF30 KIGA Mix&Match, the design scope is even greater. Countless color combinations enable the realization of sanitary rooms that can be perfectly matched to the respective building project. With Mix&Match, you specify the colors of partition elements, handles, hinges and profiles yourself. Just as it best suits your project. Mug and hook rails coordinated with the themed series as well as child-friendly motif privacy screens in many colors and various animal motifs perfectly round off every kindergarten sanitary room and make the hearts of visitors young and old beat faster.

Product overview: Cubicles for kindergartens

VK13 KIGA: The durable cubicle for children

Cubicle type VK13 KIGA is the ideal cubicle for children because of the variety, the colour combination, the water resistance, the fancy design and most of all because of the high standard of safety and stability. View product >

SVF30 KIGA: The basic cubicle for children

This cubicle type for children connects best quality with high standard of safety which is absolut necessary for children. The maintenance free and robust construction, easy cleaning and the good design makes this cubicle type to a perfect solution for children. View product >

Product overview: Interior for kindergartens

Changing tables

Another smart idea from Schäfer: Instead of having to heave the little ones on the changing table, they can crawl up a staircase. After work, the staircase disappears in the cupboard, hidden behind a door. View product >

Kiddy´s privacy screens

There is a lot going on in the toilet! Colourful animals welcome the little visitors. Every trip to the toilet becomes a real highlight with lerning character and joy of discovery! View product >

Mug and hook rails

Schäfer quality also in detail: The mug and hook rails match our WC partitions KIGA perfectly in terms of appearance. Each series has its own design and this is also reflected in the contour of the mug and hook rails. Colorful, safe, stable and shapely. View product >

Schäfer today

Colourful designs for kindergarten toilet partitions!

<strong>BRAND NEW!</strong> Colourful designs for kindergarten toilet partitions! VIEW KIGA DESIGNS

Door handle SLIDESAFE
Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy!

<strong>Door handle SLIDESAFE</strong> Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy! VIEW SLIDESAFE

Touch-free toilet doors
Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room

<strong>Touch-free toilet doors</strong> Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room MORE INFORMATION

Sanitary partition wall SVFG40
A modern sanitary partition wall makes the difference!

<strong>Sanitary partition wall SVFG40</strong> A modern sanitary partition wall makes the difference! VIEW SVFG40
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