Central support: the supporting-structure with a long-term perspective.

Aesthetic plays a key role while planning a modern changing area for swimming pools and spas. An atmosphere with style, feel-good character and experience factor will be created for the guest. Purely functional rooms are no longer requested. Due to this, the focus is put onto the complete room planning. But by all the different factors for the guests like visual experience and peak experience, the maintaining costs must be considered by the facility operator. Perfect when product aesthetics and cleaning efficiencies can be combined. Our central support for changing cubicles enables just that! With only one central support underneath the cubicle’s benches, supports are almost unnecessary underneath the front walls. Because of this construction, a floating changing cubicle is visualized. This is product aesthetic at the highest level.

With our construction of only one central support at changing cubicles we will be able to reduce feet up to 75%. An enormous saving of cleaning costs. Less supports mean less cleaning effort and therefore less cleaning costs. More space will be created for the movement of the cleaning machines and less damages will be occurred. The central support will be installed underneath the cubicle benches at the raw concrete and last the complete cubicle system. An enormously stable construction which last for a long-term product lifetime.

The central support from Schäfer: A strong and hygienic solution which reduces cleaning costs and efforts while offering the maximum of aesthetics at changing areas.

Advantages of changing cubicles with central support:

  • Up to 75% less supports
  • Less cleaning effort
  • Less cleaning costs
  • Less damages from cleaning machines
  • Improvement due to the floating optic
  • Central supports are already installed at the raw concrete underneath the cubicle benches and take the complete cubicle system
  • Supports at the front are almost unnecessary
  • More hygienic
  • Aesthetic at the highest level

Zentralfuß im Detail

Zentralfuß im Detail

Zentralfuß im Detail

Zentralfuß im Detail

Example of the cost savings with 40 changing cubicles
Example changing cubicles with supports with central support
Qty of changing cubicles 40 40
Supports per cubicle 4 1
Hourly wages of a cleaning person 23,00 € 23,00 €
Cleaning effort per support 15 sec. 10 sec.
Cleaning effort per day 40 min. 6,7 min.
Cleaning effort per year 244 hrs. 41 hrs.
Cleaning costs of supports per year 5.612,00 € 943,00 €
Costs savings per year   4.669,00 €
Est. costs of the central supports at the changing cubicles. 18.000,00 €
Amortization after years, est. 4

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