Changing cubicles.

Swimming pools, sauna, thermal baths or cruise ships: you find changing cubicles from Schäfer Trennwandsysteme everywhere. Schäfer Trennwandsysteme puts all is know-how into the changing cubicle production because the changing cubicles have to meet perfectly all different demands which are longevity and stability of all product components as well as resistant against moisture, heavy duty and sabotage. But nowadays changing cubicles become more and more an element of design, especially in spa areas and oasis of well-being. In this areas we can show all our experience and creativity in working with colours and printed glass. This material gives your changing cubicles a very stunning look. Just have a look in our references and get some ideas for next changing cubicle project.

Product overview: Changing cubicles

VITRUM II WK: Perfect styling for changing cubicles

The minimalist design of Schäfer glass cubicles puts the material glass and the aestetics of the cubicles forward. This makes the glass cubicles to a constitutive criteria of a room. A high-quality changing area which stays nice for a long term. View product >

EF3-WK: Flush-fitting changing cubicle.

Changing cubicles type EF-3 are perfect for areas with a high demand on design. Flush-fitting fronts, constructions with as little as possilbe feet and interesting colour arrangements are ideal conditions for a successful designed changing area.
View product >

VK13 WK: The perfect chaning cubicle for sanitary areas.

The perfect combination of high stability, abolute water resistance, easy cleaning and pleasant design makes the chaning cubicle type VK13 to the perfect cubicle systeme for swimming areas. View product >

Changing cubicles with central support.
Aesthetics and cost savings in one!

Less supports mean less cleaning effort and lower cleaning costs. An economic advantage. The product design scores with a maximum of style, aesthetics and modern elegance. View product >

Solutions for guests with physical impairment

Spacious changing areas, toiMelet partitions with wide doors, wheelchair accessible lockers as well as hair dryer and vanity units – these products enable visitors with functional restrictions to conveniently use the infrastructure in swimming pools and spas. You can also find supporting supplementary products from us. View product >

Schäfer today

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One handrail - many options
Design your toilet partition wall now with the handrail

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More privacy at shower areas
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Touch-free toilet doors
Permanent hygiene in the sanitary room

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Door handle SLIDESAFE
Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy!

<strong>Door handle SLIDESAFE</strong> Lock and unlock the toilet door very easy! VIEW SLIDESAFE
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