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At the end, the customer is satisfied – and that's the way it should be. But from the point the contract is awarded to the time when the client can view its exclusive partition wall system, its new swimming pool changing area or new cloakroom, countless production steps and decades of expertise have flowed into the project. Every refurbishment project is different – and it is precisely this challenge that is the strength of Schäfer-Trennwandsysteme.

Everyone can do "standard" – including, naturally, the team at Schäfer Trennwandsysteme. But when it comes to exclusive design, the strengths of experienced and well-trained employees show, as does mastery of innovative technology and modern materials.

Whether an HPL panel for a locker is being adapted; a changing area is being fashioned out of sandwich panels orelegant glass fronts are giving shape to sanitary facilities: every material and every area of application requires its own, special processing techniques, if the final result is to be long-lasting, durable and permanently beautiful.

To do this, Schäfer Trennwandsysteme primarily invests time and money in the further education and training of its employees. But also in advanced technical systems such as a modern post-forming system or a CNC machining centre.

And all that is for just one goal: so that the client is more than merely satisfied when approving the systems.

Schäfer Technologies

Even the cleverest robot is rather dumb from a human point of view. It can only do a few things, which were, in turn, taught to it by human beings. But it can usually then do this more perfectly and more precisely than a human ever can.

The same is true of the robot which has been pottering around at Schäfer Trennwandsysteme recently. In combination with two CNC machining tables, it transforms panels of various materials into high-precision and perfectly fitting partition elements. It recognises the location of the raw sheet material, lifts it carefully from the stack, and places it exactly where the CNC milling tables are expecting it. These, in turn, process the material with two milling spindles until the panel has become a partition wall, door or washbasin with minimal tolerances.
A workpiece can be a one-off, belong to a small series or a large series. Each workpiece is milled, drilled or abraded to within fractions of a millimetre.

The reward for this precision effort? Reduced dimensional tolerances, a perfect fit and, above all, shorter assembly times. This benefits the customers above all. Because time is money: laborious reworking of assembly parts that don’t fit while the next technical team is already waiting to be put to use is frustrating for every architect and builder contractor.

Schäfer Trennwandsysteme has invested in its CNC machining centre. An investment that will pay off quickly: in the form of even faster delivery and assembly times and even smarter individual solutions.

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Thermically formed HPL panel did not play a big role in sanitary areas in recent years although their advantages are not to deny: anatomic rounded edges, easy to clean and and a design without jointings. Often long delivery times and high costs avoids these elements to be used. As many customers asked us for it and new application areas brought us to develop in this area and build up technology and know-how in our production. Since the beginning of July our customers have the possibility to get formed HPL panels after their demands. This development accords to Schäfer's strategy to realize our customer's wishes.

Application areas: duct walls, vanity units, Solutions for edges without profiles. Contact us – There are a lot of possibilities!

Contact us - the possibilities are diverse!
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