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The "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes" (PEFC™) is the world's largest independent organisation for the review of sustainable forest management.

As a PEFC™ partner, we look for a sustainable supply chain where our products can be sourced ecologically, economically and in a socially fair way. As a responsible company, we want to promote environmental protection and ensure the sustainable use of natural resources. This includes the protection of forests against unregulated deforestation, the protection of animal habitats and human living spaces as well as fair working conditions.

This is the rationale behind PEFC™:

The PEFC™ quality label stands for sustainable, careful and responsible forest management. In this way, our forests will continue to be preserved for future generations as a livelihood, workplace and recreation area

With PEFC™, the independence of certification bodies is particularly guaranteed thanks to an international standard accreditation process. PEFC™ provides complete and compelling evidence of sustainable economic management, that every consumer can count on.

Security of supply
PEFC™ enables the fair participation of all forest owners regardless of the size of their operation and takes into account the diversity of forest ecosystems, cultural heritage and ownership structures, making PEFC™ the market leader both in Germany and worldwide. No other certification system can refer to a comparably large certified forest area. Thus, PEFC™ guarantees a sufficient supply of wood and wood products from certified sustainably managed forests.

Social standards - in the forest and in the enterprise
PEFC plays a pioneering role in social standards in particular. PEFC™ is the first system that integrates social criteria not only in forest certification, but also in product chain certification.


PEFC Certificate

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